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Welcome to the American Martyrs youth wellness page, Martyrs Families Connected. This resource was created for our community by South Bay Families Connected. We hope these resources, videos and educational material will support our parents, teachers, and our parish staff as we work together in our shared goals of affirming the dignity and goodness of all of God’s children, and helping our youth stay on a healthy path to maturity.

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Events, Resources, Religious Education, and Small Faith Groups Provided by American Martyrs

Tending to Our Kids' Overall Wellness and Education

Access TED Talks, articles, and videos to help foster resilience, grit and Growth Mindset in our kids.

Resources and Information to help us create an inclusive and supportive environment for all of our youth. 

Tools to help our children cope with:

Substance Use Prevention Resources for Parents with Kids In:

Recommended SBFC Videos

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