SBFC Ambassadors

Monica Lucente 

Franca Stadvec

Linda Figel

Cha Cha Gesten

Laurel Wright

Jennifer Wildenberg

Melissa Overholt

Cynthia Strand

Margot Farris

Ann Marie Whitney

Jennifer Fenton

Amy Howorth

Mark Lipps

Danielle Anderson

Lisa Hardiman

Kamala Horwitz, LMFT

Linda Reeves, LMFT

Families Connected Parent Advisory, in partnership with Beach Cities Health District

Melissa Cunningham

Jennifer Newman

Natalie Weinstein

Lisa Schlager

Gail Laskowski

Autumn Stephens

Danielle Spangler

Amy Anthony

Akemi Washington

Liz Glozman

Lisa Hardimon

Ellen Rosenberg

Sandi Gleason

Franca Stadvec

Linda Buck

Jen Fenton

Montse Barrena

Carrie Gonzales

Click here for a pdf of the role of the Families Connected Parent Advisory Ambassadors




SBFC Board of Directors

Ellen Rosenberg, SBFC Board President & MBUSD School Board President

Sandi Gleason, SBFC Treasurer & Former Mira Costa High School PTA President

Liz Glozman, SBFC Secretary & Former Manhattan Beach Middle School Social Emotional Wellness Liaison 


SBFC Volunteer Team 

Laura Short McIntire, SBFC Creative Director and Curator, & President, LSM Communications, LLC

Ann Kuhns, RN, SBFC Community Outreach Director 

Katie Frankle, PMP, CSM, SBFC Ambassador Project Communications Director

Laurie James, Lead Ambassador at Outreach Events

Franka Stadvek, SBFC Teen Mindfulness Partner & owner, Fit-On-Studios


SBFC Volunteer Professional Advisors

Mitzi Cress, Retired Principal of Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

Moe Gelbart, PhD, Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center

Joan Stein Jenkins, Esq., Manhattan Beach City Prosecutor

Anna Pirkl, M.A., LMFT, ATR, LAADAC, Art Therapist

Jennifer Barber, MPH, Executive Director & Founder The Talk Institute

Helen Codron, MA, College Counselor

Nicole Wesley, Ed.D, Executive Director of Student Services, Redondo Beach Unified School District

Margot Parker, Assistant Principal, Manhattan Beach Middle School


Collaborative Partners

Beach Cities Health District co-sponsors our Families Connected Speaker Series and Parent Chat.

Blankets of Love, South Bay is our partner in the Opioid Awareness Project.

{pages}, a bookstore houses some SBFC educational events and provides pop-up book stores at our Families Connected Speaker Series

Fit On Studios provides free Teen Wellness meditation and fitness events.

Thelma McMillen Center funds the staffing of our Parent Chat support group with a licensed professional.

The City of Manhattan Beach and Mayor Amy Howorth are partners in the Families Connected Opioid Awareness Project


Professional Volunteer Contributors 

Numerous South Bay professionals volunteer their voice and expertise with SBFC through original blogs written for SBFC, as well as by participating in our SBFC original videos. They include:

Leah Niehaus, LCSW

Linda K. Reeves, MA, LMFT

Anna Pirkl, M.A., LMFT, ATR, LAADAC

Greg Allen, PhD

Randy Jo Hillier, LMFT

Andy Caine, Esq.

Joan Sten Jenkins, Esq.

Nicole Wesley, EdD

Danielle Radl


Partner School Co-Founders

Click on the button below to see a list of the co-founders who launched the Families Connected project at the SBFC Partner Schools and Districts.


SBFC Concept, Website Creation, Research, and Content Production

The SBFC project concept, implementation, and website creation were produced by  LSM Communications, LLC pro bono in August of 2015. LSM continues to subsidize the project's production costs. Free and accessible to all families in our South Bay community, the project currently serves between 4,000 - 5,000 unique online visitors per month, and thousands more at partnered community education events for parents and teens.




In order to ensure sustainability of the project, the SBFC Board of Directors has recently begun to reach out for tax deductible donations (made possible through MBX, its fiduciary agent). Donations help support the expenses related to maintaining and updating the SBFC's free online curated gallery of teen wellness resources and tools, and to producing original educational content, including the SBFC video productions, the monthly Families Connected e-newsletter, and blogs from professional, parents, and teens. Sponsorship dollars also help support, management of the event calendar, social media production, ongoing inquiry response, and in-person educational events, including the Families Connected Opioid Awareness project and Empathy and Compassion project.