Collaborative Partnters

Beach Cities Health District co-sponsors our Teen Wellness Speaker Series and Parent Bookshelf at Pages, a Bookstore

Fit On Studios Partners with us by providing free Teen Wellness mediation and fitness events

Ambassadors and Event Presenters

The role of ambassador is to simply share the Families Connected resource with our community in person and via e-communications, whether personal or through their organization, as well as provide feedback from the community about ways the project can improve and better meet the needs of our South Bay community. 

We thank all of our amazing ambassadors below for sharing this resource with our community:

Greg Allen, Executive Director Freedom4U*
Howard Barker, Clear Recovery*                                                                                                                                          

Helen Codron, College Counselor
Margot Farris, owner, Pages Bookstore
Linda Figel, owner, Pages Bookstore
Farnaz Fletchner, MBEF
Raunda Frank, Prevention Coordinator, BHS/NCADD
Moe Gelbart, Ph.D., Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center*
Liz Glozman, MBMS Student Wellness Liaison

Lisa Hardiman, MBMS Student Wellness Liaison
Amy Howorth, Manhattan Beach City Council

Derek Jodzio, Clear Recovery Center
Mark Lipps, Founder of Happy Friday, Neighbors!
Lisa Schlager, P.S. I Love You Foundation Board Member
Franca Stadvec, MCHS Parent Volunteer
Ali Steward, Director Youth Projects, Beach Cities Health District

Cyndi Strand, Founder, Blankets of Love South Bay*
Susan Warshaw, Executive Director, Grades of Green
Erica White, CASA for foster youth
Jennifer Wildenberg, MCHS Guidance Counselor
Jennifer Williams, President MBX Foundation
Laurel Wright, MCHS Parent Volunteer

* These ambassadors have also volunteered their time as SBFC Event Presenters