On this page we have consolidated current information and reputable resources that you might share with your teen, as well as an opportunity through the Pass On It project to encourage your teen or students to research, personally define, and share their own reasons to say "I'll pass," when it comes to tobacco use. 

Info and Activation For Youth - The Pass On It Project

About POI

Pass On It is a youth activation project created by South Bay Families Connected. The mission of the project is to encourage teens to find their own personal and fact-based reasons to say "I'll pass" to the things that hold them back, like smoking and vaping. The project is being piloted at participating SBFC Partner Schools.

Parents and educators may encourage teens to research the facts (see buttons below) and write about their own "Top Five Reasons to Pass" on Tobacco and vaping. When a good fit, parents and educators may suggest that their teen(s) share their blog for publication on the SBFC Teen blog page.  Anonymous blogs are also accepted for publication. Please visit the Pass On It Facebook page or the SBFC Teen blog to see past blogs and videos from youth participants. All you have to do is share the the instructions below with a teen and encourage them to participate. 

Instructions for Teens

If you’re between the ages of 14-18, we invite you to participate in the Pass On It project by sharing five personal and fact-based reasons that help you say, “I’ll pass,” when it comes to tobacco and vaping. You can share your reasons with a teacher, mentor or parent, and you can also choose to enter the Pass On It blog and video contest. It is 100% free and all are welcome to participate. Whether you’ve never tried tobacco, have tried it, or are currently using, this is about reasons to consider saying no in the future. In other words, this is not a pledge

For blog submissions, share your top five reasons to say, “I’ll pass,” when it comes to tobacco and vaping. Please make at least two of your reasons fact based. You can access facts and reasons other teens choose not to vape or smoke using the buttons below.

Click on the button below if you wish to share your video or blog for publication or to enter it/them in our current contest. One video and one blog will be awarded to each participating Partner School (Redondo Union High School and Mira Costa High School).

Pass On It is a youth activation project created by South Bay Families Connected and is being piloted at participating SBFC Partner Schools. Parents and educators may encourage teens to write about their "Top Five Reasons to Pass" on Tobacco. Essays can be submitted for publication on the SBFC Teen Blog as part of the Pass On It project. We hope your teens will share their reasons to pass on the things that hold them back, like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Our next Pass On It module will focus on stress.

Tobacco and E-Cigarette Trends Among Youth

The NIH reports overall use among youth nationally is on the decline. Unfortunately, another trend they report is that teens are more likely to use e-cigarettes than cigarettes. 

As reported by Beach Cities Health District (click here for full article) we are seeing slightly higher than average rates of tobacco use.

Material for Educators and Parents of Youth

As a parent, you might hear, "It's not smoking, it's vaping!"  Our kids are being told from different sources that vaping tobacco is not as bad for them, or even healthy, relative to smoking. They need to know that with any marketing, they should always be skeptical of the information presented.  Scientific research around vaping indicates a plethora of consequences it brings, some of which are distinct to vaping only. We recommend the following national sources of information for you to consider sharing with your teen (please click on any of the images below to access those website. SBFC will remain open in your browser):

Click on the image above to access the Stanford University Tobacco Prevention Toolkit. This outstanding educational module is free and accessible to all parents and educators.

Find links to educational materials created by youth explaining the harmful effects of tobacco with suggestions on how to prevent young people from use. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Articles Recommended by Our Partner Schools (more to come)

Teen Vaping & E-cigarette Dangers (TeenLife, blog) 

Dripping: Kids Are Trying This Potentially Harmful E-Cigarette Hack (NBC News)

Additional Modern Content and Campaigns Written for Youth

South Bay Resources to Help Families

The Torrance Memorial Medical Center Quit Smoking Program includes seven sessions and features a step-by-step plan for quitting smoking. Other than a $25 fee for materials, the program is provided by the Torrance Memorial Health System as a free community service. 

Access Beach Cities Health District's Resource page for smoking policy in the Beach Cities and smoking cessation assistance.