Program engagement and Impact

In 2017, the SBFC website served 16,000 unique visitors, connecting parents and educators with trusted wellness and prevention online information and videos, as well as in-person education events and support groups. From 2015-2017, approximately 2,500 parents attended SBFC or Families Connected Speaker Series events. Our goal is to reach 40,000 unique visitors in 2018. With 4,500 website visitors in January 2018 alone, we are well on our way.

Please click on the link below to hear from SBFC Partner School administrators, South Bay parents, and SBFC advisors about the need for, and the impact of the SBFC project to date.

A concept based on need and evidence

The Families Connected project was created in response to the high level of community concern regarding the social emotional wellness of South Bay youth, including self-reported levels of high stress and anxiety, as well as higher than average alcohol and drug use. A teen wellness community task force meeting held at Mira Costa High School on February 2, 2015 helped define the problem and provided the spark for the Families Connected project. The Families Connected concept, strategic plan, and website were created and funded by LSM Communications, LLC

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The Families Connected concept and website employ a modern approach that is anchored in current research showing the critical role that parents play in substance use prevention and social emotional wellness, as well as the importance of engaging parents as early as pre-k Kindergarten with social emotional wellness resources, education, and support. 

Critical to its success is the project''s commitment to ongoing collaborative input from numerous community leaders, partner school administrators, business owners, and parents throughout the South Bay.

Families Connected first launched in August, 2015 and is available, free of charge, to all South Bay parents, schools and organizations caring for or serving youth. It’s as easy and cost-free as sharing a link to the SBFC website.

A Partner School option is also available. Our Partner Schools each have their own unique website that connects their parent community to the resources available on the larger SBFC website. Please click on the adjacent image for a visual depiction of the SBFC project concept, features, reach, and impact as of June, 2017.

About the Families Connected Speaker Series

In June 2016, LSM Communications, LLC (LSM), created and privately funded the Families Connected Speaker Series as the in-person educational component of the South Bay Families Connected project. In August of 2016, LSM partnered with Beach Cities Health District to help fund the series, and in September 2017, together we established co-sponsorships with SBFC's Partner Districts, Manhattan Beach Unified School District, Redondo Beach Unified School District, and Hermosa Valley Unified School District. The three Beach Cities school districts provide the venues and help shape the presentations topics and content. The series remains true to SBFC's original mission of connecting all South Bay parents with current information, trusted professionals, and with other parents in our shared goal of helping all youth thrive and stay on a healthy path to maturity. 

Who We Are

Our partners volunteers, and advisors have played critical roles in the growth and success of the SBFC project to date. They include numerous community leaders, educators, business owners, and residents who have provided input that has shaped the project, and they have actively shared this resource with our South Bay Community either by word of mouth, e-communication, social media, or at community meetings and presentations. As a grassroots effort, this project can only reach its audience through these efforts, as well as those of our SBFC Partner Schools. We are so grateful for their shared commitment to improve the social emotional wellness of our South Bay youth.

Our Community Commitment and Process

SBFC will continue to use a collaborative approach as it expands both its parent education events and the communication material it produces. Input from parents and our South Bay prevention community have been an invaluable part of our process, allowing us to create a wellness and prevention program that is organic to our beach cities culture. 

We will continue to conduct ongoing resource research and will update the website content and share new information via social media and our monthly e-newsletter. At the bottom of each resource page, we provide a response form which anyone can use to report issues with links, recommend additional resources, or share with us their thoughts on why a resource might not be appropriate. Please note that resources selected for inclusion must meet the following criteria:

  1. They are accessible by all, free of charge

  2. Are prevention not treatment based

  3. Provide clear and helpful information from a reputable source, with minimal online advertising

  4. Do not have a direct political agenda

  5. Though we often partner with faith-based organizations, the content or events shared on SBFC must not be exclusionary in nature, nor promote a particular religion over others.


Being on our referral list is not an endorsement. South Bay Families Connected and its Partner Schools and Organizations are not responsible for the content of or service provided by any of these referrals. For further details regarding the terms of use agreement for the SBFC website, click on the link below:


About our 501 c3

SBFC's not-for-profit status is provided under the umbrella of the MBX Foundation (MBX Tax ID: #02-0603467). The MBX Foundation was established in May 2003 and operates as a community foundation for over thirty booster clubs in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. Donations made through MBX are earmarked for the SBFC ongoing expenses, including research, resource curation, website management, video production, education events, social media management, production of the monthly e-newseltter, and community outreach, all of which is available at no charge to the entire South Bay community. Schools who wish to have their own unique Families Connected logo and webpage contract directly with SBFC's approved contractor, LSM Communications, LLC.

What's Next?

LSM Communications, LLC, is currently building the Families Connected website, a non-region specific resource that is based on the SBFC model, but which will be able to serve schools and parents no matter where they are located.


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