Care Families Connected is a free social-emotional wellness and substance use prevention resource for foster and relative caregivers and advocates of youth. Care Families Connected is part of the larger South Bay Families Connected project, but the resources on this page are intended for foster and relative care families throughout Southern California

The mission of the Families Connected project is to support parents, schools, caregivers and advocates by providing them with a modern way to access the education and information they need to help keep their kids on a healthy path to maturity. All information provided on this site can be accessed on any mobile device, making it a hand-held parenting tool that is accessible to all.

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How to help our youth navigate and cope with....

Substance Use Prevention Tools

Paving a healthy path in the teen years begins in:

Substance-use prevention tools for parents with kids in:

Recommended SBFC teen wellness videos:

The importance of connecting with our teens, and tips that can help, presented by Leah Niehaus, LCSW.

What are the trends in today's substance use culture, presented by Leah Niehaus, LCSW

Support for Foster and Relative Caregivers

SBCC Thrive LA (South Bay Center for Counseling) is a non-profit organization that supports communities throughout L.A. County to discover and develop tools for individual and collective well-being. They also provide Relative Support Services that help relative caregivers of foster children find resources.


Connected Families, Strong Kids (CFSK) is another program that SBCC Thrive LA offers for parents and relative caregivers. CFSK is a child abuse prevention initiative, co-designed by members of our countywide network of Neighborhood Action Councils (NACs). CFSK is designed to strengthen families, build resiliency and provide parents with tools to increase positive family interaction. CFSK is implemented by convening a countywide conversation on prevention utilizing Facebook, YouTube and CFSK website.