South Bay teen drug prevention

Our Board, partners volunteers, and advisors have played critical roles in the growth and success of the SBFC project to date. They include numerous community leaders, educators, business owners, and residents whose input has shaped the project. They have also shared this resource with our South Bay Community either by word of mouth, e-communication, social media, or at community meetings and presentations. We are so grateful to them and to our sponsors for their commitment to improving the social emotional wellness of our South Bay youth.

SBFC Ambassadors

Laurie James

Katie Frankle 

Franca Stadvec

Linda Figel

Cynthia Strand

Ann Marie Whitney

Jennifer Fenton

Lisa Hardiman

Families Connected Parent Advisory, in partnership with Beach Cities Health District

Melissa Cunningham

Jennifer Newman

Natalie Weinstein

Lisa Schlager

Gail Laskowski

Autumn Stephens

Danielle Spangler

Amy Anthony

Akemi Washington

Lisa Hardimon

Linda Buck

Jen Fenton

Montse Barrena

Carrie Gonzales




SBFC Board of Directors

Ellen Rosenberg, SBFC Board President

Charlotte Gesten, Esq., SBFC Board Vice President

Carla Ramirez, SBFC Board Treasurer

Liz Glozman, SBFC Outreach

Kathleen Terry, SBFC Volunteer Coordinator 

Amy Howorth, SBFC Outreach Coordinator

Kelly Hendrickson, R.N., Board Secretary

Laurie Phan, M.P.H., Board Member


SBFC Creative Director 

Laura Short McIntire, President, LSM Communications, LLC, Founder of the Families Connected Project, volunteers as the SBFC Creative Director.


Families Connected Collaborative Partners

Beach Cities Health District co-sponsors our Families Connected Speaker Series and Parent Chat.

Blankets of Love, South Bay is our partner in the Opioid Awareness Project.

{pages}, a bookstore houses some SBFC educational events and provides pop-up book stores at our Families Connected Speaker Series events

Fit On Studios provides free Teen Wellness meditation and fitness events.

Thelma McMillen Center funds the staffing of our Parent Chat support group with a licensed professional.

All Families Connected Partner Schools in the South Bay are collaborative partners.


Families Connected Professional Volunteer Contributors 

Numerous South Bay professionals volunteer their voice and expertise with SBFC through original blogs written for SBFC, and by participating in our SBFC original videos. They include:

Moe Gelbart, PhD

Leah Niehaus, LCSW

Diana Lipson Burge, RDN

Kelly Hendrickson, R.N.

Jennifer Elledge Barger, MPH

Linda K. Reeves, MA, LMFT

Anna Pirkl, M.A., LMFT, ATR, LAADAC

Greg Allen, PhD

Randy Jo Hillier, LMFT

Andy Caine, Esq.

Joan Sten Jenkins, Esq.

Nicole Wesley, EdD

Danielle Radl

Thank you to our SBFC Sponsors

Donations made to South Bay Families Connected support the following programs and services:

  • Connecting parents and caregivers with evidence-based wellness information, trending articles, and resources through our free monthly Families Connected E-newsletter and social media outreach.

  • Providing free education events and workshops that serve thousands of parents and youth each year, including the ongoing Families Connected Speaker Series and teen mindfulness workshops, the annual South Bay Opioid Awareness event, and other partnered events on a variety of wellness topics.

  • Effectively and efficiently promoting education events with parents throughout the South Bay and at our 90+ SBFC Partner Schools via the mobile responsive SBFC Event Calendar.

  • Supporting parents with in-person opportunities to connect and learn, including The Families Connected Parent Chat.

  • Reducing the stigma around the challenges that many families face by connecting our community with authentic stories and expert advice via the SBFC Parent Blog and Teen Blog.

  • Establishing collaborative relationships with other area not-for-profits, school administrators, community stakeholders, and parents to ensure that the project meets the needs of the community in a way that avoids duplication of service and maximizes its reach and long-term measurable impact.


The Families Connect Project

The Families Connected project concept, implementation, and website creation were produced by  LSM Communications, LLC pro bono in August of 2015. LSM also produced the South Bay Families Connected brand and established its collaborative partnerships pro bono.