Welcome to Da Vinci Schools Families Connected, part of the South Bay Families Connected (SBFC) project. Along with 90 South Bay schools, our intention is to help our youth thrive.

Youth today face a myriad of challenges, from managing social media and screen time, to coping with stress. We hope the resources, videos, and educational material provided here will support our community as we work together in our shared goal of helping all of our youth successfully navigate these issues, self-actualize, and choose a healthy path to maturity.

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Social-Emotional Learning Resources

K-5 SEW resources from CASEL, Edutopia, Mind-Up, and more.

Helping youth connect with purpose, build resilience, and find balance.

Building an inclusive community for all families.

Recommended Resources to Help Students with…

As a Families Connected Partner, our Da Vinci families have unlimited, free access to the following:

A curated gallery of national resources and information for parents.

Families Connected events are accessible to all of our parents.

A curated gallery of social-emotional wellness resources written for teens.

South Bay parents and professionals share authentic parenting stories and helpful strategies.

The Families Connected monthly parent e-newsletter is provided free of charge to our families. Sign-up today.

Teens share authentic stories around a number of challenges, including managing stress and peer pressure.