Welcome to the Da Vinci Schools youth wellness page, Da Vinci Schools Families Connected, part of the South Bay Families Connected project.

We hope the resources, videos, and educational material provided here will support our students, families, teachers, and staff as we work together in our shared goal of helping all of our students thrive. Youth today face a myriad of challenges, from managing social media and screen time to coping with stress, that can challenge us as parents and educators in our pursuit of this goal. But we are not alone, and neither are our students.

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Social-Emotional Wellness Resources

Recommended Resource Pages on Families Connected

Prevention Resources

As a Families Connected Partner, our Da Vinci families have unlimited, free access to the following:

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A curated gallery of national and local resources and information for parents, from strategies to reduce teen stress to staving off teen substance use.

A single location to find free educational events in the South Bay covering a variety of youth wellness topics. 

A curated gallery of social-emotional wellness resources written for teens from dealing with bullying to safe technology management.

South Bay parents and professionals share authentic parenting stories and helpful strategies.

A growing video library that provide parenting tips and tools from area experts, and footage from past SBFC events.

Teens share their authentic stories, from the reasons they choose to say i'll pass to drugs and alcohol." to how they manage anxiety.

Ongoing Youth Wellness Information for our Parents


A free monthly e-newsletter for our South Bay Community covering numerous topics that are relevant to all parents, from k-12.


A way to stay up-to-date on the latest articles, parent blogs, and education events. Just following SBFC on social media.