We have heard from parents and school administrators that vaping and e-cigarette use is on the rise among students, and that there is a great deal of confusion about the health hazards these products pose for youth. On this page we have consolidated current information from reputable resources to help parents understand and help prevent this trend.

Prevention Tip for Parents: Talk Early and Often


Parents: Answers to Your Questions and Additional Prevention Tools

Click on the image to go directly to Stanford University's information page that describes what these products are and why they pose a health hazard to youth. Here you will also find outstanding evidence-based educational materials for educators and parents. 


Click on the CDC logo  to go directly to an information page that describes what these products are, On this website you will also find up-to-date statistics, youth tobacco prevention resources, and more.


 Click on the smokefree.gov logo to see an overview of various tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. "Here’s the bottom line: There is no such thing as a “safe” or “safer” tobacco product."


The CATCH My Breath Youth E-cigarette Prevention Program’s goal is to increase students’ knowledge of E-cigarettes, nicotine and addiction dangers while cutting their intended use of the product in the future. On this website you will find links to information and videos, a parent resource page, and a prevention program specific to middle and high schoolers’ use of E-cigarettes


 A Visual Overview of Nicotine-Delivery Products

Source; The CDC (click on image to enlarge)

Recommended Vaping Articles

A recent survey by the Truth Initiative found that 63 percent of 15- to 24-year-old previous 30-day users surveyed didn’t know that vapor pods, which come in hundreds of kid-friendly flavors like gummy worms, cotton candy, and unicorn puke, contain highly addictive nicotine—a single pod containing 200 puffs can have just as much as a pack of Marlboros or Camels.
— Edutopia, July, 2018

Recommended Vaping Videos

Produced by David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA (a good overview for youth)

Produced by Still Blowing Smoke.

Produced by Teen Radio.

Prevention Campaigns Written for Youth

As a parent, you might hear, "It's not smoking, it's vaping!"  Or, "Don't worry. It's just juice." Our kids are being told from different sources that vaping is not as bad for them, or even healthy, relative to smoking. They need to know that with any marketing, they should always be skeptical of the information presented.

Info and Activation For Youth - The Pass On It Project

About Pass On It

 Clicking on this logo will take you to the Pass On It website tobacco page

Clicking on this logo will take you to the Pass On It website tobacco page

The mission of the Pass On It project is to encourage teens to find their own personal and fact-based reasons to say "I'll pass" to the things that hold them back, like smoking and vaping. The project is being piloted at participating SBFC Partner Schools.

Parents and educators may encourage teens to research the facts (see buttons below) and write about their own Top Five Reasons to Pass on Tobacco and vaping. When a good fit, parents and educators may suggest that their teen(s) share their blog for publication on the SBFC Teen blog page.  Anonymous blogs are also accepted for publication. Please visit the Pass On It Facebook page or the SBFC Teen blog to see past blogs and videos from youth participants. All you have to do is share the Tobacco and Vaping Facts page (also accessible from the blue button below) with a teen and encourage them to participate. Information curated and written for and by youth can be found on that page. 


Instructions for Teens

If you’re between the ages of 14-18, we invite you to participate in the Pass On It project by sharing five personal and fact-based reasons that help you say, “I’ll pass,” when it comes to tobacco and vaping use. You can share your reasons with a teacher, mentor or parent, and you can also choose to enter the Pass On It blog and video contest. Whether you’ve never tried tobacco, have tried it, or are currently using, this is about reasons to consider saying no in the future. All are welcome to research the facts and define their own reasons to choose not to vape or smoke nicotine or tobacco products. 

Instructions: for blog submissions, share your top five reasons to say, “I’ll pass,” when it comes to tobacco and vaping. Please make at least two of your reasons fact-based. You can access real facts and reasons other teens choose not to vape or smoke using the buttons below.

Smoking Cessation Help

Access the Smoke Free Teen page to download quitStart, a free smartphone app for teens who want to quit smoking, as well helpful online tools for quitting, an online chat and phone number to connect you with an expert