Project Engagement and Impact

Please click on the link below to hear from SBFC Partner School administrators, South Bay parents, and SBFC advisors about the need for, and the impact of the SBFC project to date.

The Families Connected Project

A concept based on need and evidence

The Families Connected concept and website employ a modern approach that is anchored in current research which shows the critical role that parents play in substance use prevention and social-emotional wellness, as well as the importance of engaging parents as early as pre-k and kindergarten with social-emotional wellness resources, education, and support. 

The Families Connected concept and website were created and privately funded by LSM Communications, LLC, (LSM). The website and Partner School concept and South Bay Families Connected brand and logo launched in August of 2015 with the intention of offering parents, caregivers, and educators a centralized location for evidence-based information on a wide range of parenting and youth wellness topics. LSM gifted the SBFC Board ownership of the SBFC brand, and the Board now directs all aspects of the project’s implementation in the South Bay (SPA 8 service area).

The Families Connected concept employs the following strategies to ensure that the project has a high level of parent engagement and remains sustainably relevant and accessible:

  1. Families Connected has numerous mechanisms in place for parents and stakeholders to share their concerns and shape the Families Connected project, including a parent survey, parent and teen focus groups, a Families Connected Advisory Board, and the Families Connected Ambassador program.

  2. The breadth and depth of website content is continuously expanded based on the feedback we gather from our community and Families Connect Partner School Administrators, as well as upon our ongoing research into the issues trending nationally.

  3. The Families Connected project is free and accessible to all parents anywhere.

  4. A mobile-responsive platform ensures that any parent can access the website when and where they need it, and search engine optimization makes it easy for them to find it

  5. In order to encourage use of the Families Connected website by parents K - 12, the Families Connected website offers parents an inviting, easy-to-navigate, ad-free space.

  6. The Families Connected Partner School concept connects parents in K-12 directly with trusted parenting information and events in a way that is consistent, continuous, efficient, and cost-effective.

  7. Producing compelling short-form video content, pro bono, from experts, parents, and youth. (2015 - 2019) for South Bay Families Connected and the Families Connected project (shown at the top of each Families Connected topic page).

The project is a scalable model that can be implemented at schools and communities anywhere in the United States.

Our Commitment and Process

LSM, with continuous input from the SBFC Board, Partner School Administrators, and parent advisors, conducts ongoing resource research and updates the website content and links.

We are committed to providing our website visitors with an ad-free space. The Families Connected website is not monetized. Visitors will not encounter pop-up or embedded promotions. within or This is a contractual obligation that we extend to our Partner Schools, to South Bay Families Connected, and to all who are a part of this project.

At the bottom of this page and the Parent Resource page, visitors will find a response form which they can use to report issues with links, recommend additional resources, or share with us their thoughts on why a resource might not be appropriate.

Please note that resources selected for inclusion must meet the following criteria:

  1. They are accessible by all, free of charge

  2. Prevention not treatment based

  3. Provide clear and helpful information from a reputable source, with minimal online advertising (with the exception of trending national articles)

  4. Do not have a direct political agenda

  5. Must not be exclusionary in nature, nor promote a particular religious ideology. .

Connecting Families Beyond the South Bay

The Families Connected website, a non-region specific resource that is based on the SBFC model, serves schools and parents no matter where they are located.


Being on our referral list is not an endorsement. LSM, South Bay Families Connected and its Partner Schools and Organizations are not responsible for the content of, or service provided by any online referrals. For further details regarding the terms of use agreement for the Families Connected website, click on the link below:


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