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No matter what parenting philosophies or personal experiences guide us, we all have one goal when it comes to our children: for them to lead healthy, fulfilled lives. Social media, stress, depression, peer pressure, and substance abuse can challenge us as parents and caregivers in our pursuit of this goal. But the outstanding national resources, educational tools, and videos curated here and produced by Families Connected and its partners can support us in our goal of helping youth thrive.

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The Families Connected project has been fully implemented in the South Bay area in Southern California due to its partnership with the South Bay Families Connected (SBFC) not-for-profit. Originally launched and piloted within the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, the Families Connected project has now been implemented at over 90 Families Connected Partner Schools. Together, we provide families with in-person support through the Families Connected Parent Chat, Speaker Series, partner school events, and the Parent Connect Walking Group. the Families Connected e-newsletter, and SBFC social media pages.

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Our summer focus is on youth substance use prevention

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Vaping Prevention

Youth Substance Use Prevention