Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools are fully committed to the physical, mental, and emotional health of all members of our community. Students who are leading lives of fulfillment and balance are capable of truly having an impact on the lives of those around them and the world beyond. Although we live in a time of stressful demands, in a pace of life that seems to grow ever more frenetic, we believe that providing education and programming around healthy bodies and creative spirits can help our students and families reach their potential as learners, as community members, and as global citizens. Initiatives and programs that RHP and Ren have proudly implemented to date to support these goals include:

  • Staff professional development and relational learning training

  • LGBTQ sensitivity training

  • Integrated mindfulness

  • Parent education events

  • Advisory for all students

  • Block scheduling

  • Counseling services

  • College guidance

  • Freshman wellness seminars

Additionally, we have partnered with the South Bay Families Connected project to bring you this webpage that offers our community easy access to free local and national teen wellness resources and information that aim to support us as educators and parents in our shared goal of keeping our students on a healthy path to maturity.

- David Maher, Head of Schools Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance School

Access All SBFC Resource Galleries, Blogs, and Events

All RHP and Ren families are encouraged to attend the free SBFC Speaker Series and Parent Chat Support Group, and to sign-up for the free SBFC Parent E-newsletter.

A curated gallery of national and local resources and information for parents, from strategies to reduce teen stress, to staving off teen substance use.

A curated gallery of social-emotional wellness resources written for teens, from dealing with bullying. to safe technology management.

South Bay parents and experts share authentic parenting stories and helpful professional strategies.

Please join us at our Families Connected parent education events that address a variety of youth wellness topics. 

South Bay teens share their authentic stories, from the reasons why they choose to say "i'll pass" to drugs and alcohol, to how they manage anxiety.

A free monthly e-newsletter for our South Bay Community covering numerous topics that are relevant to all parents, from k-12.

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A synopsis of five teen alcohol and drug prevention parent talks, including Mathew Torrington speaking at Rolling Hills Prep.

Tips for fostering empathy and compassion in our youth from Anna Pirkl, M.A., MFT (under four minutes)