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Alcohol and Drugs: Real Stories, Tools, and Tips

What you should know about vaping — the truth

Click on the image below to read teen's reasons to say "I'll pass," when it comes to things that hold them back, like drugs, vaping, and alcohol use.


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Info on alcohol and avoiding peer pressure

As a young person you are faced with many challenges, but few have the potential to affect your life in a more significant way than the decisions you make about alcohol and drugs. (NCADD)

Drug guide: the science behind what each drug does to your brain and body. The website also has interactive videos, posts, blog, and more! (NIDA)

National Campaigns

E-cigarettes pose risks to health and give big tobacco companies big opportunities. Click above to read more (

Stay original. Be yourself. Live above the influence. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel!

Only 8% of teens still smoke. Finishing the job will come down to you. Be creative. Enlist friends. Spread truth.