Mark Wiedenmann announces Chadwick Families Connected


I am thoroughly thrilled to announce that Chadwick School, along with 45 other South Bay Schools, is now a partner school with South Bay Families Connected (SBFC). There is a certain strength and efficiency that comes from unity.  Before the creation of SBFC in August of 2015, families and schools had a common goal – the wellness of their students – but were working toward that goal autonomously.  

SBFC has done us all the wonderful service of pulling together many of the resources we had been using while also making available many more on one centralized website. This website is a dynamic mother lode of critical tools and information including: national and local critical tools and information on topics ranging from stress to management of social media and technology, depression and mental health, body image, grief, bullying, and sexual consent awareness. SBFC’s website also contains: a monthly e-newsletter with the latest teen wellness articles and resources culled from the most credible outlets, parent education by local and national experts through a monthly Teen Wellness Speaker Series, a video library with original SBFC productionsan event calendar containing free parent education events throughout the South Bay, opportunities to connect with other parents in a supportive manner through small group discussions and a parent blog, and, finally, a means to shape SBFC itself though parent surveys, teen focus groups, and SBFC task force meetings.

Please click on our logo below to access our own unique SBFC webpage, Chadwick Families Connected.  I also strongly urge you to pursue SBFC’s current newsletter (see featured column at right for the link) on a topic that I know is near (if not dear!) to our hearts: “Helping Our Kids Cope with Technology and Social Media Management,” including a synopsis of, and links to, recent national articles and videos from The Atlantic, The Washington Post (an outstanding piece by Melinda Gates), NPR, CBS, and more.

Please click on the logo below to access Chadwick Families Connected:


Mark Wiedenmann, Director of the Upper SchoolChadwick School