#PassOnIt: Why I wish I had Passed On It in high school

When I was at high school in SoCal, I didn’t choose to pass on drugs and alcohol. I drank at parties because everyone else was, and although there were definitely some fun times, I wish I had waited to drink. I made some regrettable decisions while under the influence, and I also watched some intoxicated friends become involved with some bad people and bad situations because of drugs and alcohol. There are a few nights that my friends remember perfectly that I can’t remember at all because I drank too much or smoked too much weed. If I could turn back the clock, I would have passed on drinking in high school and using drugs. I am certain that by using alcohol and drugs at such a young age that I caused damage to my developing brain! And because I started drinking so young, I didn’t learn how to drink responsibly until much later, and I feel like I would have developed a much healthier relationship to alcohol if I had waited. Since I can’t turn back the clock, all I can do is write this blog and maybe help other people decide to pass on drinking until they are 21 and pass on using drugs. Drinking and smoking seemed so important to me then, but in retrospect, these substances probably dampened my memories and inhibited me from always being my best self.

Although I heard this in high school and paid no mind, this is important: If people make fun of you for not wanting to drink or not wanting to use drugs, then they may not be people you want to spend time with. People who love and respect you shouldn’t pressure you into something you don’t want to do. You also probably won’t see most of these high school peers after graduation anyway, so who cares what they think? I’m not saying you should judge other people for drinking or using drugs. Ultimately, it is their choice like it can be your choice to pass on it. Please remember, there is nothing wrong with telling people that you want to pass on drinking, or pass on using drugs. Again, it is your body and your choice!”