Vaping: J.L.'s Top Five Reasons to Say, "I'll Pass

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1. I’ve seen firsthand what nicotine addiction is like through my family members. It is so extremely hard for us to deal with their habits. I know that if I ever went down that road, it would be really taxing on my family, and quitting if I was ever lucky enough to want to would be nearly impossible.

2. The chemicals in Juul pods are equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes. It only looks like a few milliliters in the pods, but I was shocked to find that the little bit of liquid is about 20 cigarettes. It seems so easy to go through a pod in a few days without realizing how much nicotine you’re intaking. (Source: Edutopia, 6/18)

3. I’m a very active person. I ran track until I injured myself, I still run, box, play soccer, and workout with my friends when I can. I know that smoking can greatly affect one’s ability to do those things. It would make me so sad if I couldn’t participate in those activities without getting tired so quickly.

4. I want to be a doctor in the future, and I know that if I picked up the habit, I wouldn’t be able to break it. I would be an awful role model and physician if I was telling patients to quit smoking for their health while I couldn’t myself.

5. I also learned from the SBFC facts page that "nicotine puts the teen brain at risk because It can mess up the areas affecting judgment, completing tasks and meeting goals.” I knew that it was dangerous, but I didn’t know it could affect our teenage brains so easily, and so much. (Source: US Surgeon General Report and Still Blowing Smoke)